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Forge Fedriga Green Magazine n.1

Forge Fedriga's environmental column is now available for its stakeholders

Forge Fedriga Green Magazine n.1

Coherently with the environmental policy adopted by Forge Fedriga management and in order to respect the transparency principles, our company means to promote an outside communication project regarding the environmental impact caused by our own productive activities.

In this first issue and after the 2013 closure of the environmental surveillance program, we want to submit you a summary of the monitored results.

N°8 emission points verified according to the province of Brescia authorization n°4552 dated 03/12/2008. The parameters verified include: total dusts (mg/Nm3), PAH (mg/Nm3), Ammonia (mg/Nm3).
The measurements carried out certify that the parameters analyzed result below the limit values established by the provincial decree.

N°2 disposal points of a public sewage verified according to the A.A.T.O. authorization n° 119 dated 28/06/2012 of the province of Brescia.
The parameters verified make reference to the Tab.3, all.5 D.Lvo 152/06 – Superficial water disposal (COD, BOD5, total suspended solids, PH value, ammonia nitrogen, nitrous nitrogen, nitric nitrogen, total phosphorus, total surface-actives, anionic and non-anionic, total hydrocarbons.
The analytical reports sent in copy to the sewage service manager of Cividate Camuno municipality, certify that the parameters analyzed comply with the law requirements.

According to the law n°447 of the 26th October 1995, N°8 acoustic surveys have been carried out at the premises of Cividate Camuno, n°1 acoustic survey at the laboratory premises of Berzo Inferiore and n°2 acoustic survey at the ingot storehouse premises of Berzo Inferiore.
According to the acoustic report it is certified that the district and differential limits foresee by the municipal acoustic zoning are respected.

During the year 2013, Forge Fedriga has supported an action plan called “Forge Plan 2”, decided by the town council of Cividate Camuno with resolution n° 22 of the 27th of March 2013 This plan foresees various measurements in charge to A.R.P.A (regional environment protection authority) and A.S.L (local health authority) regarding noises, vibrations and dusts with the aim of producing a picture of the environmental status of the industrial area of Cividate Camuno in the Prada Area.

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Forge Fedriga Green Magazine n.1

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