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Forge Fedriga's Green Magazine no.4

In Forge Fedriga’s environmental policy we would like to re-affirm the importance of sharing information and environmental issues; therefore, we proceed with the publication of 4th “Green Magazine”

Forge Fedriga's Green Magazine no.4

The official request for an authorization made in March 2015 related to a heating furnace was an opportunity for an important legislative accomplishment: the request for a Unique Environmental Authorization (AUA). In fact, the Presidential Decree no.59 of 13/03/2013 foresees the possibility to unify under a single procedure all aspects of environmental authorizations that were previously managed separately by various organizations in charge. Authorization for the discharge into the public sewer system, authorization for the discharge into C.I.S. (surface water body) and authorization for atmospheric emissions are the environmental aspects which Forge Fedriga unifies in the AUA authorization.
The request for AUA was presented at the Unique Office for the Production Activities (SUAP) of the Mountain Community in Vallecamonica.
With this process, the Public Body exercises control on significant environmental impacts caused by production activities and guarantees the compliance to laws through continuous monitoring including sampling and chemical analyses related to water and emissions.

In terms of rivers and lakes, including the River Oglio and Lake Iseo, the phenomenon of eutrophication is frequently mentioned. It consists in the excessive growth of algae, which occurs when, under favourable weather conditions typical of the summer season, a high concentration of nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen) is present in water, which allows the proliferation of algae. The accumulation of elements such as nitrogen and phosphorus cause the proliferation of microscopic algae that, not being disposed of by primary consumers, determine greater bacterial activity; this way the oxygen consumption increases becoming too little for the fish, which consequently die.
For this reason the Province of Brescia, in authorizations for discharges into the Oglio River, underlines restrictive analytical issues regarding industrial waters: a total content of phosphorus ( P < 1 mgP/litre) while a total content of nitrogen (N < 10 mgN/litre) compared with those in chart 3 of Annex 5 of the Legislative Decree 152/06.
Forge Fedriga monitors discharged waters quarterly and keeps under control those factors which may provoke the exceeding of levels of phosphorus and nitrogen including waters pumped from wells and the purchase as well as use of appropriate products such as synthetic detergents, which are a common source of phosphates in waste water.

Within the study of combustion equipment of a heating furnace, the use of regenerative burners is being applied. This already well-established technology allows, through heating of ceramic masses with the heat contained in the combustion fumes that go to the chimney, to pre-heat the combustion air that goes to the burner (approx. 500 °C). These burners allow estimated annual savings in terms of consumption of natural gas of approximately 30% compared to the traditional ones.

The results of survey related to the Monitoring Plan regarding the self-control made by forging companies operating in the industrial area of Cividate Camuno were sent to supervising bodies in January 2015. As far as Forge Fedriga’s activities are concerned, no releases of vibration and noise have been registered in residential areas, which requested the investigation.

Forge Fedriga's Green Magazine no.4

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