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Forge Fedriga restarts from 'Z'
Nowadays making a good product is the first step of a long journey that leads many companies to be capable and competitive in the current complex business environment.

Understanding, producing and constantly offering the Customer the best has always been the key of company success.

What's the best Forge Fedriga can and wants to offer?
Excellence in the first place. Excellence in quality, reliability of products and technical thoroughness of testings, analysis, measurements and checks.
Our Customer are confident: no surprise in the future.

Then a good service. This means facing issues together clearing up any possible misunderstanding and difficulties that can occur owing to customer requests.

The present. Old wise people use to say that “the future lies in the past”.
In Forge Fedriga the present is producing pieces intended for sectors in constant change.

That's why, since May 2013, Forge Fedriga has implemented a continuous improvement journey called “Z Project”.
Why Z? Well, Z is the last letter of alphabet and it's like a metaphor: performing everything at the top of our capabilities, doing our best in order to give an additional value to our Customers.

The whole Forge Fedriga staff (including managers) is now involved in improvement activities and projects aiming to increase company quality, safety and efficiency levels through project, analysis and application of a working method named “Continuous Improvement Philosophy”.


Here's an example: in Forge Fedriga many workers interact with common positions, use common instruments, equipment, documents. They handle materials and tools.
How long does it take looking for what it is needed? How much time is wasted searching something because of a lack of order and organization? All this waste can lead to serious damages like stretching production times, process mistakes, cost increase, space issues, safety concerns and vain efforts.

Managing these situations can be considered an activity to all intents and purposes and the related costs have to be considered.
Does the above sound like adding value to what we do? We don't think so. Part of the production costs for products and services also needs to cover those “wasting-activities” and obviously is no good. In industrial terms wastings must be cancelled.
But how?
For example, in production department we started an improvement activity of process called “Application of the 5S method”. This activity is based on 5 japanese words which summarize and aim to increase the department order, organization and inspection cleanliness.

As far as the professional competence of workers is concerned, their growth is strictly linked to their awareness in considering as a Customer each activity following their own. They shall pay attention and respect their colleagues, predicting possible inconveniences that their own work and behavior can cause.

Last but not least, we are aiming to a full and constant improvement, giving rules, respecting them and objectively measuring both improvements and possible mistakes.


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